A press release is an official written Statement to the world’s Media, Magazines, Bloggers, Radio and Websites regarding things such as Your Mix-Tape, Album, Single and video releases or your music projects and campaigns,

All major chart topping Hip Hop artists from Jay Z to Nicki Minaj all send out press releases via a PR team on a regular basis every time they drop a project or have relevant news they would like to share with the world, And now it’s your turn,The Goal of a press release is simple it’s to inform the media about your projects and to create a real generated buzz in the industry and to have to the world know who you are and not just have your boys or randma supporting your stuff! And secondly A press release is distributed to grab the attention of Editors,Journalists and Bloggers, who could write a possible story about you or feature you and your work in their publication or website. With Hip Hop World PR your press release will be distributed to Thousands of Hip-Hop magazines and websites from The Source to XXL to name a few and it doesn’t stop there not only do we cover major Hip Hop media in America but your press release will be distributed to major Hip-hop Magazines, Bloggers, Websites and Radio stations all over the world! Think about this, When is the last time you actually sent out a press release? If you’re still sitting there thinking, It’s time to take your career to the next level it’s time to introduce yourself to the world.