How It Works

We have created a unique one of a kind system for online press release distribution.

We are the 1st and only online press release service that is catered directly for the Hip- Hop community worldwide from artists starting out to major platinum recording Hip-Hop artists, Producers, Labels, DJ’s...

Most PR companies tend to send out press releases in bulk emails, which mean one email to thousands of media contacts at one time. Though the ratio sounds promising unfortunately many of the press releases get filtered into their spam as it’s normally recognized as an email blast etc.

Hip Hop World PR on the other hand have designed a online system where you can personally send out your press release in small numbers or individually to major Hip-Hop media contacts world wide giving you a guaranteed higher visibility ratio; meaning a journalist or Blogger or Radio Exec will notice your individual email over all of the email blasts.

Like we mentioned in “What is a Press Release”, the goal of a press release is to get the attention of the media, and for them to feature your story in their magazine, Blog, Website or Radio show.

It’s very important to remember The main objective for sending out a press release is to make your presence known and to generate a huge buzz and also to give you a strong online presence.

Every press release you send out will also be hosted by Hip Hop World PR which will generate excellent SEO with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo including search engines around the world i.e. in Japan, Germany, England and France.

The big question a lot of Hip Hop artists ask is when should I send out a press release? Well you should send out a press release if you…
1.) Have a Mix tape, Album, EP, Single, Video out or every time you’re about to drop a project.
2.) Headlining in your own Concert or opening up for a major artist,
3.) You are doing good work and deeds within your community through your music or any charity work..
4.) A major event in your career that is life changing. i.e. you received an award, you got signed etc.