About Us

Hip Hop World PR is a global online press release distribution service for Rappers, Producers, DJs, Labels and Music Management companies in the Hip Hop genre, We have designed a revolutionary online tool for you to write out a professional press release and have taken it a step further by giving you full access to the world’s most influential Hip Hop media, Via this Website You will be able to email your press release directly to every major Hip Hop Magazine, Website, Blogger and radio station in the world including America, Japan, England, Germany, Italy, France, Canada and hundreds of other countries around the globe who are strong in Hip Hop culture.

Hip Hop is a universal language and what a lot of people fail to realize is that Hip Hop in general is huge on a global scale, So why just create a buzz in your home town? Hip Hop World PR gives you the opportunity to inform every Hip Hop Magazine, Website and radio station in the world about your music releases, Projects and any other relevant news. We explain and walk you through the process and structure of writing a press release and distributing the press release.

Hip Hop World PR are lead innovators in the Hip Hop industry and genre, this speaks to the new way of press release distribution and marketing that we have developed and use. We have worked in the industry for over 10 years on all levels of public relations and marketing. That experience lends itself to your needs through the unique distribution service provided for getting your Press Releases seen by the key market contacts enabling you to gain a major Buzz in the industry on an international scale.