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A press release is an official written Statement to the world's Media, Magazines, Bloggers, Radio and Websites regarding things such as Your Mix-Tape, Album, Single and video releases or your music projects and campaigns. All major chart topping Hip Hop artists from Jay Z to Nicki Minaj all send out press releases via a PR team on a regular basis every time they drop a project or have relevant news they would like to share with the world, And now it's your turn,The Goal of a press release is simple it's to inform the media about your projects and to…

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How it Works

We have created a unique one of a kind system for online press release distribution.

We are the 1st and only online press release service that is catered directly for the Hip- Hop community worldwide from artists starting out to major platinum recording Hip-Hop artists, Producers, Labels, DJ’s…

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Its time to introduce yourself to the world.

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I decided to try Hip Hop World PR when I dropped my single and video with R&B artist Tank, The response I got was incredible, I was contacted by 3 magazines in Japan and featured on A Music Blog in Germany and in London not to mention This is 50 and more, This site got me recognition on an internationally level I would definitely recommend it to any Hip Hop artist looking for mass exposure

Dbless (Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter)

To be totally honest i’m up and coming and I didn’t have thousands of dollars to afford a major PR firm so when I came across Hip Hop World Pr I was like let me try this out,
It was easy to do I wrote a press release about my Mix Tape and sent it out to some press and bloggers in Europe, Japan and the U.S, and people actually paid attention,
I noticed that when my Mix Tape actually dropped people from all over the world showed love and downloaded it, Hip Hop world Pr definitely got my name out there I use it now for all of my projects

Meda (Hip Hop Artist)

Hip Hop world PR filled a gap in the music industry and Hip Hop market place, I put this site to the test because there’s no other online press release distribution service for rappers like myself, It feels good knowing that people all over the world know my name and who I am it opened many doors for me, I used Hip Hop World PR to promote my EP and got a huge response, especially from overseas, I love this site and will continue to use it to promote all of my releases

Lil Red (Hip Hop Artist)

One thing I really like about using Hip Hop World PR is that it doesn’t only focus on America but on countries all around the world from Asia To Europe, I didn’t even know Hip Hop was big like that overseas, It feels good to know that regardless if I get a response back or not the media and people from all over the world know about my music

Streets (Hip Hop Artist)

I didn’t even know what a press release was before I came across this site, I always wondered how the main stream rappers got the success rate they got and then it made sense to me that sending out press releases to the media and press is vital in taking your career to a industry standard level, Its important for the media and press to know who you are because if they like you they will support you and get your name out there.. I saw Hip Hop world PR as a great opportunity and very cost effective

Lex (Hip Hop Artist & Music Producer)